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It is the "Final" post, and or entry a person makes before they delete their account. The user is normally back within a week because they are to addicted to the site
Person1: This is my Death Post, I am deleting this account...
Person2: Hey that is sad, I hope you have a good life
Person1: **Deletes account**

**Week later**
Person3: Hey person2, remember person1?
Person2: yeah
Person3: Im person1, couldnt stop my addiction
by benjamus April 13, 2007
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the worst topics for discussion ever. Use these to quickly make enemies and ruin friendships.
person1: Hey man, we really have a lot in common, we should hang out more...
person2: ok
*guys become good friends*

Example 1:
person1: so what do vote for republicans or democrats?
person2: democrats
Person1: republicans....fuck

Example 2:
person1: want to come to church with me?
person2: im atheist
person1: ...fuck....

religion and politics ruined these guys views for each other
by benjamus May 17, 2007
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Site to generally waste time. Youtube > anything on shitbox I mean tv. What nerds do in their spare time
Person1: Dude, I was watching tv lastnight and there was nothing on!!!

Person2: OMFG you still have a Shitbox? I shot mine and now go to Youtube
by benjamus April 13, 2007
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