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Literally a perfect human being...
If you've ever met a Jarell you know theres absolutely not one flaw about them.
Jarell's are kind, smart not really funny asf, great personality, will listen to what you have to say and can and probably will help you Also depending on the person

Finding a Jarell is pretty rare, but when you do your life will completely change. In a good way tho There is 1or 2 little odd things about Jarells, you never really can tell if they are lying or not. Another sorta bad But not really thing about some Jarells are that they know everyone, and if you get on there bad side, youre gonna end up dealing with fucking world war 3 bro.
Person: 'Omg that guy is so nice!'
Me and my lucky ass: 'Ik, his name is Jarell. I love him so much!' <3
by beemovieisaW November 23, 2022
a word usually used at the end of a sentence used by your typical roblox girl or basic 6th grade girl.
roblox girl: 'OMG SLAY!! PERIODT!'
other roblox girl: 'YASSS PERIDOT!'
person: 'wtf...'
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022
1) A chocolate covered cream-filled cake

2) Two hoes fucking a man at once...
younger brother: 'Can you get me a hoe-hoe?'
Me: 'Sure'

In my head: Fatass...

Random guy: 'Did you fuck her last night?'
Another random guy: 'Ya man and her bsf'
Random guy: 'Damn you got a hoe-hoe night man...'
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022
Addy is a nickname used with either Addaline or Addison. Having an Addy as your best friend is like having a soul sister.
Addy's are crazy at times, but have the best personalities. They will do anything to make you laugh, whether it be trip and get a concussion or put a hat on your dog. If your best friend is an Addy, she most likely comes over to have a sleepover every week, and usually convinces your parents to let her stay another day. Your parents will like Addy so much that they wanna replace you with her. Besides that, Addy's bring joy to the world, they have great humor, are usually really pretty people, and will always be a shoulder to lean on.
friend : 'wow, your hair is so smooth addy.'
addy: 'smoother than a babies butt.'
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022
the absolute gayest name ive ever heard.
someone: 'liam why wont you date her?'
liam: '....'
someone: '..i know why now...'
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022
A music genre that you are supposed to listen to in March or April...
Time: March, 18, whatever year you want <3

Me: 'Ahh, yes. Christmas music to listen to while I go sit in 90 degree weather.'
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022
Whenever goats get jump-scared sometimes they just ragdoll like a fucking drunk guy who over-reacts to getting a fork thrown at them.
Rude guy: *scares little goat*
Goat: *faints*

Rude guy: *laughs like the absolute bitch-ass man he is*
Rude guy again: 'you dumb fainting goat'

Poor innocent goat: *get's up and runs off*
by beemovieisaW November 22, 2022