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From Popeye cartoons. Line often uttered by Popeye's portly friend Wimpy. Of course, "Tuesday" would never come, and so Wimpy constantly secured himself a free lunch. Thus the line is used to jokingly indicate that one would like to "borrow" something without any real intention of ever paying you back.
At the movies:

Bob: Aw man, I forgot my wallet! Hey Joe, I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a movie ticket today...?

Joe: Yeah whatever...I'll buy your sorry ass another movie ticket just shut up.
by beavinator May 17, 2004
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Usually used in context of a video game: To either accidentally or on purpose push or deflect another player, causing them to fall off a ledge or platform, miss an intended objective, or fail in any other way. Popularized by Gavin Free of Achievement Hunter.
Ohhh, sausages! I would've made that jump, only Ryan bunced me just as I was about to land!
by beavinator February 14, 2015
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