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Someone who is obsessed with Bam Margera.
I would just like to point out that cKy rocks and you don't have to like Bam to like cKy. Bam is just the brother of the drummer. That's it. I hate Bamtards because they try and dress like him and talk like him and they think he has the coolest most random show ever, but it's a scripted show. I pretty much hate Bam Margera because he is ruining the name of cKy.
The other day i heard a kid say that cKy was "Bam's Band."

I almost killed that person.
by beattie April 15, 2005
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What you would say right before you say Hell yeah.
Heavens no, Hell yea.

From a Bloodhound Gang song? Exactly.
by beattie April 16, 2005
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A phrase uttered by Cartman on south park a few times throughout the fifth season. Cartman, in the show, actually DID make Scott Tennerman eat his own parents. I should also mention, that that episode is by far the best episode of south park. (Scott Tennerman Must Die)
"I'll make you eat your parents."
"What? What did you say?"
by beattie April 12, 2005
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When a person buys an ipod, they have been ipod'd. They have joined the ipod craze.
Yo did ya hear 'bout mike? He got all ipod'd last week.
by beattie April 13, 2005
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A mix between an emo person and a gothic person. These people tend to want your pity and possibly cut themselves with razor blades when they are alone.
That gemoth needs to stop being so dramatic and dark.
by beattie April 12, 2005
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A singer/songwriter who has created such awesome hits like Milk and Cereal and My Baby's Got Sauce. Awesome music, check it out.
by beattie April 14, 2005
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This MAY be a flash video like tommy says, but this is actually a popular song from G love and Special Sauce. It was a song BEFORE it was a video of two guy singing it(obviously).
by beattie April 18, 2005
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