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1. adj, everywhere, omni-present, always occuring
a) Yo, I ran train on that ho down in LA last week; shit, that bitch is frickin' ubiquitous!

b) I'm spreadin' the word about this bay weed. We're tryin'a make this shit ubiquitous!
by bayareaconductors-weruntrain April 17, 2009

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1. (noun) mustard and mayo in the same bottle, produced by American corporation Best Foods

2. (verb) to ejaculate
1. Bro, my hot dog is lacking, pass me that dijonnaise.

2. Bitch, I'ma dijonnaise on yo face!
by bayareaconductors-weruntrain June 09, 2009

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verb. - to show power, to assert one's dominance, to defeat, to humiliate
Jerry: Yeah, so anyway, I started using this new shampoo, and...
Tim: Dude, shut the fuck up, no one cares!
Rick: Wow, dude you just got manned.
by bayareaconductors-weruntrain June 02, 2010

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