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- adj.

high intoxicatted, usually when someone is very drunk and also under the influence of sweet maryjane.
Some smokin' hot bitch - "Harrison, you looked pretty schmattered last night!"
Xue - "No! What are you talking about?"
Hot bitch - "I saw that picture on your legendary facebook group. You were passed out with a empty handle of vodka!"
Xue - "It was posed I swear!"
Hot bitch - "Bullshit, let's makeout."
Xue - "Hey wait a minute, do you take AP Chem?"
Hot bitch - "No. What the hell are you talking about Harrison, please take my goddamn shirt off!"
Xue - "No. Abstinence."
by bamnig April 16, 2007
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durka can mean anything, used to substitute in the place for any word. can often mean "to smoke marijuana"

usually you would use it to conceal what your really trying to your friends say infront of parents
(in front of parents)
Aneil - Hey Nikkhoo let's durka after dinner.
Nikkhoo - Nah sorry man, I'm out of durka right now.
by bamnig April 30, 2007
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