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noun-Contagious condition. Common among pre-teen girls, where they try to emulate untalented, conceited, phony, prefabricated TV star.
Mom:" Harold, I think our daughter has Miley Syphilis!"
Dad:" At least she's not Britney Speared."
by badugah February 15, 2009

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noun- A contraction of the term 'final analysis'.
In finalysis, when you look at all the asshole's in existence, one is hard pressed to accept Darwin's theory. Survival of the fittest, my ass.
by badugah February 14, 2009

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ass, rear, rump...used only in a playful manner.
The badugah on the girl in the bikini is a thing of beauty.
by badugah February 13, 2009

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noun- A disease. Common among young teen and preteen females. Symptoms include: Attempting to sing with a voice that is at best average; proclaiming you're the ultimate virgin-then pretending to be the world's biggest slut; shaving off all your hair and putting on weight; losing your mind(even though you really never had one)-then claiming you found it. Always making a comeback, when it's questionable you ever came.
Not to be confused with,Miley Syphilis
"Doctor Fraud, are you re-admitting that same delusional bald girl again?"

"Yes, unfortunately, it's one of the worst 'Britney Speared' cases I've ever seen. The worst part of it is, this poor girl can really sing!"
by badugah February 21, 2009

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(n.) A southern male homosexual who is exceptionally good at repairing intricate mechanical devices, particularly musical jewelry and cosmetic boxes.
" Did you see the tinker-belle who fixed the 'Boy George' music box? Isn't it divine?"
by badugah February 15, 2009

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