6 definitions by awesome24678

Keeping with baseball metaphors it is to go after someone far more attractive than oneselves and manage to have sex with them.
Michael: You went after Mackenzie? That's pretty bold she's like a 10!
Sanders: Yeah she is, we hooked up though.
Michael: Oh shit you swung out of the strikezone and still hit a homer.
by awesome24678 January 10, 2017
the act of wiping your friends moms ass with your balls then sticking them in her cooch (vagina)
last night me and your mom did shit balls mother fucker in your mamas cooch.
by awesome24678 May 26, 2010
when a female puts sexual images into a mans mind while he masturbates, almost a hand job but not quite
i got a half job last night
by awesome24678 October 14, 2010
as you have sex witha woman you slip your fingers in her vagina and spread it apart as though your husking corn
My girlfriend asked me to nebraskan cornhusker her all night.
by awesome24678 May 26, 2010
an old term meaning: to get to where they're going before they even know what the fuck you are doing
if i cut across the grass then i can head em off at the pass
by awesome24678 June 15, 2011
when your girlfriend doesnt have sex with you, you wait til she falls asleep and masturbate until you cum on her back then you shave her pubic hair then stick it to her back making her fuzzy like a sheep
last night i did a montana sheepshear to my girlfriend
by awesome24678 June 4, 2010