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Sonny is a boy who is usually a Sagittarius. He is very smart when people don't relies it. When you see Sonny , you would want to become his friend. If you see that Sonny is single, you should take him before it's too late. Sonny is good at a load of things like Sport, Gaming etc. Sonny is da Sun! Sonny usually dates a girl along the lines of Lucy or someone who starts with a L or R. Sonny is just the best person everrr
Girl 1: Did you see Sonny?
Lucy: Yeah he's my bf
Girl 1: So your name is Lucy! You got a hot boyfriend!
by askyourcrushout! March 10, 2020

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March 5th is a day where many people honor Luke Perry (Riverdale Star) and his time on earth.
Me: what day is it
Friend: March 5th
Me: It's time we honoured Luke perry..
Friend: Yeah..
by askyourcrushout! December 16, 2019

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Sexting means where someone texts you in a sexual way and encourages u to send nude pics of themselves
Boy: wanna do some sexting

Girl: sure
Sends nude pics
by askyourcrushout! December 15, 2019

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