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First, most of the people in the class go home, knowing they don't need the fieldtrip. Next, there are 5 people left, including you. Three of them leave because they have to meet someone. And finally, the last one leaves because they have an appointment of some kind. This leaves you completely alone with the instructor. The resulting fieldtrip is so nostalgic that you can't help but use the bathroom of whatever facility the trip takes at, because your lunch is telling you it wants to move on after seeing the amount of progress you're making.

Key sign that one is about to start: Everyone in the class is staring at you when you say you'll go and you're the only person raising your hand. Prepare to be swamped by loneliness and nostalgia.

If you use this term, your trip might not be the record holder for the loneliest fieldtrip, but it might feel like it.
There are various factors that play in like isolation, space and nostalgia. So depending on the conditions, you may or may not be the record holder.
You're on a phone call with a friend:

You: Hello?
Friend: Hello. What is it.
You: I'm alone on the fieldtrip.
Friend: I told you know one would go.
You: This feels like the world's loneliest fieldtrip.
by arvinthsiva June 1, 2022
To lonepoop someone means to tell them something nostalgic and quickly run away and hide behind a bush or tree. The goal is to make them poop. Your goal is to create as much space around them as you can. That's what causes nostalgia. Tell them something about the pandemic, trespassing or something like that.
Dude, I just lonepooped the last group of people we met.

You did? How many did you get?
The group had a total of 7. I got three of them.
by arvinthsiva January 23, 2022
When you put an extremely loud video, typically ear rape, on a bluetooth speaker and throw it to someone, usually setting the video to start playing at a point where there's five seconds left until the audio plays. This makes it look like a type of grenade. It's typically used to get a group of people out of the room if they're kind of in your space and business or just to ward someone off. It can even be used to ward off ghosts due to the electromagnetic and vibratory nature of sound. The term "sound bomb" also refers to explosive devices that generate lots of sound like flash bang.
1.) I'm getting back at the group of girls who pinned me down while I was doing laundry work. I'm getting them out of my room. It's clearly enough, if you know what I mean. I was clearly doing something big and they were all up in me to the point where I looked like the big man or caretaker of the boys and you could clearly see my strength. I just feel like I have to get back on this to get mathematically equal. I'm going to sound bomb them with one of the loudest Youtube videos.

2.) Sound bombs are a common riot control weapon form.

3.) Ghostbuster: Let's try seeing how this ghost reacts to a soundbomb. I know it's here in your home. At first I didn't belive you, but now with the footstep sounds and camera footage, I'm convinced.

Innocent citizen: Great idea.
by arvinthsiva November 4, 2018
When you have someone pinned in a PC shooter and you prey not to let your shot go.
Last night's Valorant game was good. I had like thirty mousepins.
by arvinthsiva January 7, 2022
A Youtube smack is when you call someone over, play a really long video, and at the end, reveal to them that it's a Youtube video. The purpose of this is usually to satisfy them with a good amount of progress so they can relax when they get back home. Sometimes, if you know each other well, this is done on their account, conveniently saving the progress for them. If it's on your account, they can simply buffer the end of the video on their account when they get back home and the video will automatically be finished for them.
Friend 1: I Youtube smacked Vincent yesterday.
Friend 2: Really?
Friend 1: Yeah. Now he's spending today just relaxing at home.
Friend 2: What video?

Friend 1: Since it was the only day we'd be meeting this week, I used a half an hour long restoration video.
Friend 2: Well it sure is nice to be satisfied, isn't it?
Friend 1: Yeah.
by arvinthsiva May 2, 2022
Common misspelling of the word "game". It makes whatever sentence its in seem to indicate the presence of some kind of an alien game similar to Halo. This kind of a typo often happens when you're so excited about a game that your fast typing causes you to misspell the word "game".
Example 1:

2 dudes texting:

Dude 1: Halo Master Chief Collection is an awesome gmae.

Dude 2: Gmae? Does it have aliens in it?
Dude 1: Quite ironically it actually does.
Dude 2: Did you mean game?
Dude 1: Yeah. It was a typo. Sorry about that.

Example 2:

Want to hear about another alien gmae? It's Alien Isolation.
by arvinthsiva July 26, 2022
This is an often small refrigerator, on campus, typically located in a semi-dorm, open-dorm or pressure-turbine-energy system lab where college students working together or individually on projects and just chilling keep their nice lunches, drinks, snacks and confectionaries. It's pretty common for them to just leave them there for the next person. Sometimes they do it as a nice gesture or gift. Typically, if something's been in there for atleast 3 to 4 days and no one has picked it up, it's yours. Mainly, though, I'd like to introduce the college tradition. If someone leaves something there and doesn't really come back to get it, it belongs to the next hardworking engineer who comes across it on their spare in or out of class time.
Lay student: You look like you're up to a lot.
Hardworking expert engineer (college guy chilling and exploring after getting shit done): Yeah. It's been pretty hectic, especially inside that Energy Systems Lab. I'd better give that Engineer's Refrigerator a peep.
by arvinthsiva May 2, 2019