40 definition by anthony brancato

A male homosexual.
The New York Post got into a lot of trouble recently with a story insinuating that ex-Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax might be a bone-smuggler.
by Anthony Brancato April 21, 2003

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1. (noun) A member of an Amish community, or one who practices their religion - usually considered offensive.

2. (verb) To commit an act of violence or vandalism against the Amish, esp. by throwing stones or similar objects at an Amish-operated horse-drawn vehicle as it passes along a road (most commonly used intransitively and in the present participle)
"Any boy or young man in this town who says he's never been out claipping is a liar" - from the TV movie "A Stoning In Fulham County"
by Anthony Brancato July 31, 2003

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Rohypnol, also known as the "date rape drug" (short form of the drug's generic name, flunitrazepam).
She wouldn't take her eyes off her drink as she headed toward the ladies' room; maybe she was afraid someone might try and slip her a floonie or something.
by Anthony Brancato April 21, 2003

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The state or fact of being wrong (as "length" denotes the state or fact of being long and "strength" the state or fact of being strong)
The word "wrength" appears to have been coined unintendedly, by users who actually believed it had existed all along; occasionally it would appear in such venues as letters to the editor in newspapers (from Wikipedia)
by Anthony Brancato February 19, 2005

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A drug dealer, esp. a small-time, street-level drug dealer.
"Sniff a few lines with your buddy Noriega/Then bust the half-man in the bodega" (Big Lou, "Justice Not Found")
by Anthony Brancato April 20, 2003

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Life In Prison, NO Parole; a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, as for murder.
There is a growing movement in many states to replace the death penalty with LIPNOP, which stands for "life in prison, no parole."
by Anthony Brancato April 19, 2003

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The Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles, due to its address, which is 441 Bauchet (Street)
O.J. Simpson spent more than 15 months in Bauchet for a crime for which he was ultimately acquitted.
by Anthony Brancato March 28, 2005

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