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Also a cannibal. A little creepy but oddly cool. I think I like him better than most politicians.
"I ate his liver with some fava beans and a soft chianti. Hisses." I wish he would eat Dubya Bush, and I'd be fine with some beans and a foamy beer. The cannibal for president!
by anonymonous-man March 19, 2005

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Acronym for United States Postal Service. A place of psychotic mailmen, evil yet pathetic individuals like Newman from Seinfeld, and old guys in really ugly, blue outfits. They say they'll mail in the snow, rain, and stuff like that but they're damn slow anyway!
I sent a package through usps to 'Jersey(say from NY) and it gets there a month later. I coulda delivered it faster myself on my bicycle! Damn you usps!
by anonymonous-man March 27, 2005

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Lazy way to say "aite", which is a lazy way to say "alright", which is a lazy way to reply back or stop a conversation. Really another example of how lazy people can be.
Lazy guy: wassup man?
Me: naw nothin much
Lazy guy: i8
Me: huh?
Lazy guy: it means aite
Me: huh?
Lazy Guy: never mind
Me: huh? cool man ima get high
Lazy Guy: i8
Me: yeah i loove u 2 man
Lazy Guy: uhhh...
by anonymonous-man March 18, 2005

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Adjective describing people of South-Asian descent: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.... For people who've been wondering what they're called? There you go! You're Desic! Also "Desi" would be the noun.
Hello my black friend I just found out what I am! I'm desic!
by anonymonous-man March 27, 2005

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