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Also known on Xbox Live as 'Modern Warfare 2: Fucking Shit Edition', it was soley marketed to Australian fans of the series who were anticipating something more than a fucking piece of shit.
Australians playing this game online against Americans will experience frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration and even more frustration after playing this fucking piece of shit as one of an Australian Xbox Live connoisseur's greatest fears eventuates in the form of a "lagiastus beastialus". Known simply as a lag beast, this will violently penetrate anyone choosing to abuse it.
*Sam is halfway through a match of Domination on Favela, enjoying himself in an Australian hosted game with a favourable 7 kills and 2 deaths*
Sam: "Gee, I really have enjoyed coming home to this. I am not dominating anyone, just enjoying a nicely paced game of Modern Warfare 2: Australian Edition. Ah..."
*Host leaves game, which has a majority of 10 Australians and one annoyingly placed American within game. Game begins to relocate host*
Sam: "Hoho, fuck."
*Game restarts, the one American in the game is hosting. The American immediately kills Sam, a knife to the back*
Sam: "Huh."
*Sam dies again, this time as a result of a lag beast*
Sam: "Hmmm..."
Sam: "Jew."
Sam: "Jewslut!"
Sam: "Argh fucking American ballsucking redneck gin faggots!"
Sam: "Fuck... fucking Cod. Why in fuck's name am I playing this shit?"
Sam: "Heherghh!!!!!!!!"
*Again, proceeding with a vehemently temperamental silence*
Sam: "..."
by angry piece of shit November 20, 2009

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This form of physical activity is the best. One will do nothing important for hours on end......... until they come to a point where they realise that they have nothing to do. The subject will realise, that as a result of doing nothing, they will eventually get pissed off and tired because they have done nothing at all, all day.
Despite this, one will repeatedly do nothing and partake in the act of laziness, and they will never realise or care about the long term effects.
Moof: "Can't you get up and do something, you fat ugly shit?"
Geeg: "Hey man, fuck you. 'The View' is on and Whitney Houston has stiff nips."
Moof: "Well... do you wanna do something afterwards?"
Geeg: "Na... I'm gonna play horde on GoW2."
Moof: "What a prick you are, Geeg."
*Geeg is the epitomy of laziness here*

Doctor Beef: "Well, I'm sorry Mrs. Boofson, but your son, as a result of his ongoing laziness, has become ingrained to the chair."
Mrs. Boofson: "Oh, oh my god... My Geeg, my little Geeg..."
Beef: "Yes, he will never get up, ever again. Like, seriously bitch, he doesn't need anything. His autonomy is in complete equilibrium - he doesn't need food, water, a change of clothes - he just wont move. He, quite possibly, will live forever."
by angry piece of shit October 06, 2009

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The act of what the name implies - doing absolute shit for no good reason at all other than to make yourself eventually feel fat, uneducated and unhealthy.
Despite this outcome, doing nothing can be the most productive form of what shouldn't be entertaining. Many men enjoy participating in the act of doing nothing, and the act of doing nothing in the best way can possibly be seen through this quote:

"“…What I like doing best is Nothing.” “How do you do Nothing?” asked Pooh after he had wondered for a long time. “Well, it’s when people call out at you just as you’re going off to do it, ‘What are you going to do, Christopher Robin?’ and you say,”Oh, Nothing,” and then you go and do it.” “It means just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” “Oh!” said Pooh." — A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh).

Christopher Milne assumably went and wanked non-stop after this, as he was initially talking to Pooh about doing nothing. Wanking, or masturbation is prevalent within the men's form of doing nothing, and can often lead to soreness of the testicles or penis.
Sam's Friend: "Hey Sam, did you study for Geography last night?"
Sam: "Nah... I just spent the entire day doing nothing."
Sam's Friend: "Oh... what did you do?"
Sam: "Wanked my brains out, whilst p00nInG n00b$ on COD and spent loads of time uploading the definition of "Doing Nothing" while trying to make it sound funny."
Sam's Friend thinks: "Fuck me, he is a loser. Damn that pimply-faced son of a bitch with too much spare time on his hands which he wastes copiously."
by angry piece of shit September 30, 2009

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The lazy way of spelling "laziness". Often occurs when one is so lazy that they actually measure that on a conventional keyboard the distance from the N to the Y as opposed to the N to the I is shorter than the latter.
The fact that the author has not uploaded an example for this is denoting the characteristic of prime lazyness. Fuck yeah.
by angry piece of shit October 06, 2009

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Common on hot days, a Sweaty Arse (n.) will usually leave an embarrasing arse shaped mark on a chair which will be obviously pointed out by a Rayfield who wants to get revenge on a Greg.
The "Sweaty Arse-Marker" will feel victimised and thoroughly left out after his unfortunate accident, something which is common in modern Australian society.
Jeebson (thinks): "Oh damn, theres a sweaty arse mark on my chair! Hopefully I can cover this up..."
Floog: "Ahahaha look at Jeebson, he left a sweaty arse mark on his chair! Let's victimise the little Greg!"
Jeebson: "Damn, your such a Rayfield!"
by angry piece of shit October 03, 2009

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A Friendly Neighbourhood Dead Guy is usually a random person, who is now dead, that nobody can be bothered picking up.
The Dead Guy will, after a number of weeks, become a member of that society despite his obvious death and putrid stench.
A Friendly Neighbourhood Dead Guy's history can only be assumed by locals, and a main conclusion drawn between citizens is that they are drifters scalped for their body parts which usually explains the entrails often hanging out of the Dead Guy's face.
Roger: "Darn, I love not doing anything morally correct in society! Oh hello, Friendly Neighbourhood Dead Guy!"
Friendly Neighbourhood Dead Guy: "..."

Patricia: "Doesn't anyone think we should pick him up? Give him a burial service? Some sort of recognition?"
Constable Williams: "Haha, Patricia, you make me laugh. He's the Friendly Neighbourhood Dead Guy, and thats all the recognition he deserves."
by angry piece of shit October 03, 2009

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Similar to the above definition, the act of "doing physics" can be the most productive, yet time-wasting moments of one's life.
Similar to Doing Nothing, it involves nothing, nothing, more nothing, wank, Call of Duty, nothing, nothing, wank, reassurance of parents that you are actually doing physics, wank, nothing, finally followed by a wanktathlon in which the subject is bone dry of energy and stamina, hence they p00n n00B$ on COD for three hours.
Mum (calls out to Sam who is on the toilet): "Sam! Are you doing physics?"
Sam (in a dry exasperated tone, separated by quick and irregular breathing, usually associated with masturbating): "Yeah... ah.. ahah... gergghh... it's ahh... going well... jerhg... meheh... foooahhh..."
by angry piece of shit October 01, 2009

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