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Refers to the number of emails a person has on their system, thereby is a measure of the amount of work they have to do.
"Crikey I've got a huge eload at the moment"
by Andrew Smith April 25, 2005

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A fan of Aberdeen football club who enjoys the regional sport of shagging sheep
"That Ooter is such a mutton molestor, that sheep got it bad in the ass"
by Andrew Smith June 18, 2006

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used to confuse retarted kids who repeat themselves a lot.
retarted kid: Did I do good?
you: Yeah you did.
retarted kid: Did I do good?
you: Yeah man, you did awesome!
retarted kid: Did I do good?
you: shmleegy creegy.
(retarted kid walks away)
by Andrew Smith February 25, 2005

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the sitting bayou is the act of a female performing oral sex on a man while he deficates.
I cant look at her again after that sitting bayou.
by andrew smith September 14, 2004

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the song that plays on the second level in the first world of mario brothers.
Yes, I made it past the first level finally on this super hard game called Mario Brothers. (badabeedeebadaboodoop)
by Andrew Smith February 27, 2005

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A fucking stupid piece of white trash that thinks hes black when hes really just a hick. He makes up stupid shit that makes no sense, and threatens 6 year olds like a real gangsta...
I ate 4 tylenol 3's last for my toothache.
by Andrew Smith April 27, 2004

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a name given to a person that is faking or overexaggerating their drunkeness.
1.Man, look at Steve. He has only had three beers. What an oscar.

2.Quit being an oscar, you just started drinking ten minutes ago.

3.THis guy was totally oscarring, he only had two beers.

4.Quit being an oscar, youre not drunk
I think you get the point.
by Andrew Smith April 03, 2005

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