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A guy of average inteligence and skills who believes he is a gangsta rapper. He is surrounded by family and friends constantly who feeds his ego and allow him to believe his fantasy.
Guy #1: dude, why is that little nobody running his mouth and talkin so much shit all the time?

Guy#2: he's a briscoe. He's been waiting 20 yrs for ice-t to sign a rap contract with him and his framily keeps tellin him it'll happen someday...someday
by amiac February 20, 2014
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A word used to describe the most annoying people on earth. Although they may think they sound more 'sophistocated' 'proper' when they talk like they have a pipe up their ass, it is very annoying to the rest of the world. And fyi, being 'proper' is only for wrinkly old laidies. (The accent is also very unattractive.) They have bad dentistry, which leaves most of the population to have jacked up teeth, which is not very appealing. And their tea that they're so god damn obsessed with. It's called COFFEE. The food in their country is damn plain, too, and tastes worse than a foot. And the names for stuff..like who the hell came up with 'loo' for bathroom/restroom. Bloke, wanker, bloody hell, 'have a go', etc. are some words used, and only used, by a limey.
Only a limey would say loo instead of bathroom.
by AmiaC November 27, 2005
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