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The greatest Argonian ever. He is a bit of a fayg but that doesn't stop him. He gets curb stomped every once in a while but he'll bounce back (his Histskin helps with that). He is often arrested without committing any crime. He's such a minority that way. His sentences are served entirely through the course of one nap. He wishes he would get a cell buddy but he's too much of a fayg for that to happen. He enjoys pickpocketing the emperor and well armed guards. When a fight begins he runs away using only monkey style kung fu. He can live under water but they don't really want him there either. Bottom line is that one day he'll kill a lot of dragons and become a god. He can be spotted running around the woods looking like a barbarian. He'll be the one with no pants on.
Villager 1: "I just saw a fayg in the woods."
Villager 2: "Was he wearing pants?"
Villager 1: "No..."
Villager 2: "It was Zorafayg."
by amazingboy97 October 27, 2011
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