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A hybred word consisting of "UD" representing "Urban Dictionary" and "idiot".
1) Posting the same definition multiple times.
2) Using the UD to carry out a flame war
3) Using unintelligible language to define words. (see also bad grammer and spelling)
How many more UDiots are going to post under the "milkshake" definition?
by almost June 29, 2004

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Someone who has worn out their welcome with constant nagging and/or constant requests.
If that rat bitch asks me for one more goddamn thing, I think I will strangle him.
by almost June 22, 2004

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something you blow the smoke from your weed into so the room doesnt smell like weed. usually its a smal bag with dryer sheets in it.
He took a huge hit off the bong and used the mojo to keep the room smelln good
by almost March 24, 2005

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Derogatory term for a lesbian
She is a pretty girl, so you would think that she could do better than that school bus driver.
by almost June 22, 2004

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