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A hybred word consisting of "UD" representing "Urban Dictionary" and "idiot".
1) Posting the same definition multiple times.
2) Using the UD to carry out a flame war
3) Using unintelligible language to define words. (see also bad grammer and spelling)
How many more UDiots are going to post under the "milkshake" definition?
by almost June 29, 2004
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Urban Dictionary idiot.

This kind of people often add useless definitions on daily common words most of the time about sex or drugs.

People involved in doing this fit in the stereotype of males between 13 and 17 year-old that are also virgin.
UDiot ppl traces around Urban Dictionary:

Zombie: slang for marijuana, pot, refer, or herb in Australia.

FTW: Fuck The Woman
by boltage October 03, 2010
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People who accept that no one (especially themselves) is perfect.
Grim: Dude, I am such an udiot
Bros: We know, trust me. We know.

Girm: We are all udiots
by TinkRomero July 09, 2018
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