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A tragically underrated CPU made by Intel in the mid-1990s.

Sucessor of the Classic Pentium and predecessor of the Pentium II, the Pentium Pro brough fantastic levels of performance to the workstation and server markets.

These processors can be used in pairs... or in fours (Dual or quad processor configurations) for even higher performance.

Nowadays, these processors are quite affordable and are still defiant in their performance of everyday computing tasks, basic video editing, networked 3d rendering, or serving applications, as well as some light or classic gaming.

Best served with Windows NT 4, but also taste great with various Unix varieties.

Available in speeds up to 200MHz in a Socket 8 package.
Dude, this Pentium Pro system is really sweet!
by ald April 5, 2004
cutest things ever get so much hate idk why furries arent zoophiles btw
1:man i love furries
2:yeah man i just jerked off to furry porn
by ald July 21, 2021
Where the student body is too busy masturbating to World of Warcraft to use spell check.
Those are fairly obvious, aren't they?
by ald February 15, 2005
Link (L): Gee, it sure is boring around here.

The King (K): M boyi. This peace is what all warriors strive for.
by ald February 18, 2019
some shit term made up by 10 year olds, just use the word fuck
frick you david
that term is very cringenormie
by ald November 16, 2020
a fucking idiot that should be sacrificed to the gods
1:did you hear about ald?
2:yeah he's such a nerd
by ald October 27, 2020
a term used when someone steals your boots
1:did you steal my boots
1:betty nice boots
by ald August 19, 2021