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When you masturbate too much and your dick is has a raw feeling to it
awe man i gots raw dick
by alaskanhybrid October 29, 2009

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When your taking a leak at a urinal. Your gooche all of a sudden has a sharp pain as if a pointy spike is being shoved up there. usually happens if you've had a hernia
Guy at Urinal: AHHHhhh ouchhh that fucking hurts

His Friend: hey man whats wrong

G a U: Uhh mann i got that Gooche Spike
by Alaskanhybrid October 20, 2009

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A mild tasting 92 proof Rum thats really great with a cold Pepsi cola. The cap can serve as a convenient shot glass
Me: Man i loves me that Rum we had last night dude

My friend: Yeah man that Sailor Jarry's is the Shit

Me: Dude yooouu got so wasted last night that you fucked the ugliest trick ive ever seen, she had two moles pimples everywhere on her fat body, she was also a hunchback and what looked like herpes around her vagina.

My friend: And how do you know that?

Me: Thats because I walked in on your crazy ass fucking her
by alaskanhybrid October 21, 2009

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When you wipe your ass with a wet wipe, and the shit is still there then dries up causing a irritating itchiness that demands that you take a seat somewhere and scratch the shit out onto you underwear causing you to say that it was all worth it
Uh man got that damn Wet Wipe Ass Syndrome. Why did i have to use that damn wet wipe to wipe my ass when dry paper is good enough. Never again
by alaskanhybrid October 22, 2009

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