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Lucas is an 1800s Communist visionary, known for his formal neckwear. He is often tailed by a luscious-haired, fedora-bearing choral singer. He plays T'au in 40K. He spends his nights out greasing it up and down eighth street in Jersey City and sniffing the headhairs of his companions. He has only been viewed in Depression-era classy attire. Most human furries fear him.
Celeste: Hi Lucas, what are you doing?
Lucas: *SNIFFS TENACIOUSLY* Fighting the bourgeoise.
by alanregistered December 25, 2022
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A cat, the slayer of worlds, shitter of beds, mewer of meows, the end of all.
Why did you shit on my bed?
Bjorn Borg: *You know why mortal"
by alanregistered December 25, 2022
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