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1. A euphemism combined with a metaphor: Knob: euphemism for dick head, penis (cf. "get my knob polished"). Slobber: visible pre-cum (pre-ejaculate fluid) emanating from the penis, so called because the fluid is clear and visually resembles drool or spittle.

2. By extension, knob slobber can also mean a dick head bearing visible saliva (spittle) from fellatio, together with pre-ejaculate. The combination of the two is also clear.

A related term is knob slob, a giver of messy blowjobs.
--"Timm pre-cums so much his knob slobber looks like a deluge."
by al-in-chgo June 16, 2011

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The cliche "hard-and-fast solution," as in "American energy independence offers no hard-and-fast solutions," upon mishearing becomes a Pornality (q.v.) and figures into the more risque examples below:
"Liz, I've been drinking too much, there isn't going to be any harden-fast solution in bed tonight."

"Uncle Joe, I'm sorry your love life is on the skids but if you're looking for a harden-fast solution there's always Viagra."

Thom -- "Quick-setting concrete for your breezeway! That can be your harden-fast solution!" Timm -- "Don't talk dirty."

by al-in-chgo May 23, 2010

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Lacking in penis length, not well-hung, deficient. In a recent and highly un-scientific survey, seven out of ten adult American males would rather be called "harmless" than "underhung."

"'Harmless' -- well, that could be someone who is well-behaved around women, but 'underhung' -- you've been typed for good!"

by al-in-chgo March 02, 2010

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Careful! It doesn't mean "got milk?" as in the ad campaign.

Nor does it mean "do you(the store) have milk? That's an American idiom.

To see if a shop with a Spanish-speaking proprietor has milk for sale, ask "Hay leche?" (aye LAY-chay?) "Hay," (pron. like long "I" in English") plus the word of which you seek, is very useful to ask: is it here? OR are they here?

If the person behind the counter is a pregnant female, asking "Tiene leche?" would mean "Do you have breast milk?" It implies that anyway if one is strictly literal.

Say "Hay leche?"
Customer, wanting a liter of milk: "Tiene leche?"

Clerk, a young pregnant women, blushes and says, "No se." (I don't know.)

Customer does the right thing on the rebound: "Hay leche en esta bodega" ("Is there milk to be had in this shop?")
--Proprietress: "Si, sen~or. Alli! Alli (ay-YEE)!. "Yes, sir, over there! Over there!"

note from contributor: is there a macro-less way on a keyboard to simulate upside-down exclamation marks and question marks?
by al-in-chgo October 05, 2010

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Cumming in someone's mouth, or for the recipient to solicit multiple ejaculations from multiple partners -- an interior bukkake.
"Jack loves to play 'coat the throat' but unfortunately my paint brush is too sensitive for that kind of inside work."
by al-in-chgo August 21, 2010

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A polite and gender-specific way to say fuck buddy (a term which can apply to male and female alike), both meaning a fairly regular sexual partner of whom no particular social commitment or romantic allegiance is expected. Very similar to "friend with benefits" except that if absoutely necessary the guy can be referred to as a "boyfriend" which, strictly speaking, isn't a lie.


Abercrombie? Oh, he's an honorary boyfriend at most. He gets nookie but I don't have to take him shopping. So far so good for us both."

"Am I still looking for a "regular" boyfriend? Sure, but for now Dolph keeps me satisfied sexually, so I know horniness is not going to interfere with my judgment choosing a real boyfriend."
by al-in-chgo March 05, 2010

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A term a man, particularly a gay man, might use to describe his penis in length and then by width (sometimes meaning girth or circumference), in inches (20 by 15 cm). He's lying, of course. Or at least, no more than a two percent chance he's in that territory.

If he claims six by eight (six long, eight "wide" or perhaps in circumference), you're getting into choad territory. See choad also spelled chode. Demand immediate proof.

"So he told me, 'I've got an eight by six.' At first I thought he was talking about a new kind of car engine, or something. I finally figured out what he meant, but he had already proven himself to be such a jerk that I had no desire to check out that particular attribute."

Old Joke -- Q: What's a Gay Eight? A: Six inches.

by al-in-chgo March 01, 2010

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