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a person who steals other peoples words and uses them wrongly
ross and mark cairns are massive knobikus`
by aimee April 11, 2005
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JABBA is the man off v you people have no clue... he's cool as and one day he will live in my basement at my disposal
"it's jabba here folks, welcome to Jabba's Naughty Nighty, on tonights show....."
by aimee January 08, 2004
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Gay Society. Used to simply compliment someone or for something they've done that's important to them. It is said and done at the same time.
Megan- I straightened my hair today!
Me&Mary- ooo snaps..*snap*
by Aimee August 10, 2004
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amys homefry. cracks mean jokes on others to make me happy. carrot top.. hahahaahahahah
hermies da best =]
by aimee February 17, 2004
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a dumb town, where highschool sweethearts stay together, and end up buying their parents house's from them so they can have more kids to repeat the life cycle....There's nothing to do in stallis...except to get food from fast food places or be "cool" and cruise highway 100
I grew up in stallis
by Aimee April 23, 2005
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The title given to Ricardo, Mike N., William, Mark, Mikey C., and Mike B. - five mexicans and a white boy who go to Niles North High School. They are popularly known for throwing the most kick ass parties. Also, this girl AIMEE loves you. A lot. With all her heart.
Girl 1: Hey girls, we're going to the Cinco Amigos Plus Gringo party!
Girl 2: Oh my gosh! We are so lucky to be invited! We are so cool to be in their presence! Wow!
Girl 3: I just love getting crunk with the Cinco Amigos Plus Gringo!
by AIMEE April 16, 2005
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