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All-natural lube, used as a masturbatory or sexual aide. Contrasted with silicone lube for being all-natural (i.e. high in fructose), but still used in sexual situations (i.e. pornography), and viscous (i.e. syrup).
"I decided to go to the store, and while picking up a box of condoms, I decided to also grab a bottle of 'High-Fructose Porn Syrup."
by ahelpfulstranger July 13, 2019
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Used in video games, a 'blood compass' shows which direction you've taken damage from. Some blood compasses also show how high or low the damage is coming from.
When I took damage, I could see where the enemy was, as my blood compass was pointing in their direction.
by ahelpfulstranger June 24, 2017
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