12 definition by acetic

Dan's weird version of the word "Butt" As in ass, shitter, poopshoot etc.
"Look aT her baunT!"
by acetic January 07, 2004

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Mary's knockers. they are simply shaped like dishwashing liquid bottles.
hey guys are my tits shaped like dishwashing liquid bottles?
by acetic December 31, 2003

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ugly and someone or something thats nasty.
man that bitch righ there is huff.
by acetic November 12, 2003

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an uncircumcized penis
i pulled down my pants and pissed out of my burrito
by acetic August 17, 2003

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A faggot and a fucker.
God damn you steve you're a fagger.
by acetic January 23, 2004

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