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The term has its roots in world war I. The soldiers referred to the injured who had to have all four limbs amputated as a basket case. I figure it is something to do with the fact that the person will now have to be carried around in a basket!
Busama stuck the dynamite up his ass to look cool, two days later he was a basket case!
by abracadabra January 19, 2004

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A term used in some parts of India: chudaikhana is a condensation of "chudaikhana ka" which means product of a whorehouse. chudaikhana=whorehouse and ka=of.

Supposed to be extremely offensive...if you are in Delhi and your wife is picking on you for some reason, use of this magical word will really shut her up!
When visiting india, clinton thought the girls were saluting him when they kept saying "chudaikhana" to him on his visit to G.B. Road (the local redlight area).
by abracadabra January 20, 2004

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Aka. Shaggy Dog Story
A story (usually sci-fi) that concludes with a pun.
Originated with a character in the magazine <i>Fantasy and Science Fiction</i> by the name of Ferdinand Feghood
Probably the best feghoot is one by Issac Asimov:

Monty Stein, in the year 3047, committed quite a heist and made off with quite a tidy sum. He was eventually caught, and the judge sentenced him to seven years imprisonment. However, the night before his impending incarceration, he calmly set his time machine for seven years and one day, and stepped through.

When he emerged in 3054, there was quite an uproar. Prosecution maintained that Monty Stein never actually served the sentence, since effectively no time passed for him. Defense stated that the effect was basically the same, since he lost seven years of living in society, or something to that effect. Both sides called each other names (as lawyers are wont to do).

Eventually, Stein was set free. Some say that the judge succumbed to peer pressure; others said that he simply couldn't resist the temptation. For his decision, in full, was:

"A niche in time saves Stein."
by abracadabra January 18, 2004

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Panni refers to the strip of aluminium foil used to chase the dragon. Together with a pungi it is used to enjoy gard (heroin).

Etymology: From Hindi, panni means a lot of things in hindi, one of which is aluminium foil.
Bushama had some secret service guys deliver some high grade heroin to him. Bushama did not mainline, instead he got Apu (from The Simpsons) to get some panni and rolled himself a pungi. He really enjoyed chasing the dragon.
by abracadabra January 20, 2004

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To chase the dragon. or puff on some grass
Bushama puffed on the dragon so hard the oval room started to spin!
by abracadabra January 20, 2004

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This heroin smoking paraphernalia: Users in some parts of India who Chase the dragon refer to the straw/chaser as pungi.

Etymology: pungi means pipe in Marathi
Dont bogart the pungi, you madarchod!
by abracadabra January 20, 2004

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aka. puff the magic dragon
Bushama chased the dragon in an oval room
by abracadabra January 20, 2004

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