5 definitions by abigsoftie

the literal most attractive man you’ll eVer lay eyes on. played archangel in x-men: apocalypse and currently stars as roger taylor in the new bohemian rhapsody movie. hot as fuck
ben hardy could punch me in the face and i would thank him
by abigsoftie November 26, 2018
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the literal embodiment of beauty. body positive queen and advocate for mental health. currently dating the equally beautiful cole sprouse. an actual angel one could say.
Lili Reinhart is all I want for Christmas
by abigsoftie November 22, 2018
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brian may’s actual clone. or son. or both

plays brian in the new bohemian rhapsody movie and thats when everyone lost their fucking shit because i kid you not they could be twins. hot. starred in jamestown a while back.
i saw a picture of brian may the other day, but then i realized that it was gwilym lee!
by abigsoftie January 17, 2019
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egyptian actor who played freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody amongst other things. a real softie who only updates instagram once a year and calls a groupchat a ’textchain’. dating lucy boynton (aka the most gorgeous woman youll ever see). is also very passionate about the fact that they shot live aid on, and i cant stress this enough, the first day of shooting borhap. has a group of male friends
i want rami malek to hold my hand. that man exudes big uwu energy
by abigsoftie January 17, 2019
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incredibly talented actor from perth, australia. also the hottest person that has ever walked this earth.

known for playing jason scott aka the red power ranger in the 2017 adaption of the film and for his inCREdibLe performance as billy hargrove in seasons 2&3 of stranger things.

recently dropped a podcast called ’dkmh’ which is his beat poetry set to music. a very relaxing listening experience (i recommend).

long story short, dacre montgomery is the perfect guy.
”dude, have you seen the new season of stranger things? my mans dacre montgomery absolutely killed it!”
by abigsoftie August 12, 2019
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