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If you survive some situation where you would have otherwise did were it not for some miracle of God then your entire life after that point is said to be borrowed time.
A man walks across a street without looking both ways when he accidently steps on a bottle, that happened to be rolling by, and falls straight down. Exactly half a speeding truck passes in front of him, only missing by inches. This man is living on borrowed time because if it hadn't been for the bottle rolling by at that exact moment he would have been smashed like a caterpillar eating your grandmas favorite rose bush.
by a dude who has hair September 27, 2004

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Your Ghetto Level defines how ghetto, gangsta, hard, and/or urban you happen to be. Ghetto Levels are between 10 and 1 with the extremes of 10 and 1 being inclusive.
The average urbandictionary.com poster has a Ghetto Level of 1.
A man who lived in the ghetto, slang rocks, and worked his way out only to be brought down by old beef has a Ghetto Level of 10
Your pizza guy has a Ghetto Level of 3.
by a dude who has hair September 08, 2004

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A G-Nap occurs when you nap with your hand on your 'piece' (cock) inorder to provide your penis with some mild touching but ensuring your load is saved for later (perhaps you are saving your load for something such as a party that starts soon or a girlfriend whom you have not seen in some time).
"Damn Jill was coming over in an hour and even though I was hardcore horny I wanted to save it for her so I just took a G-Nap."
"Shit, I betta just take a G-Nap cause that party starts in 2 hours and you know ima hook up wit some of those bitches"
by a dude who has hair September 10, 2004

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homes are where people live you asshole
i live in a home, my friend lives in a home, we live in homes
by a dude who has hair October 13, 2004

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Tucking (or tuckin' depending on your Ghetto Level) means to be packing heat.
Dude #1: "Yo boyz go grab tha gats them fucka's be tuckin'"

Dude #2(different situation different dude): "Oooh no you didn't! Like Oh Mi Gawd, you better get out of my face because my boifriend is totally tucking!" (yes... this dude happened to be gay and have an unusually low Ghetto Level.)
by a dude who has hair September 08, 2004

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