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MicroSoft Markup Language

Some very, very sloppy HTML or XHMTL that will only display right in MSIE and was probably made in MS Office.
n00b: Check out my awsome website!! I made it with Microsoft Publisher!!

someone that actually knows how to use a computer: Microsoft sucks...
by a thing May 25, 2005

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Yellow Dog Updater, Modified

Yum is a great CLI application, with GUI front ends, similar to Apt for RPMs that makes updating, getting information about, installing and removing RPMs easy. It's used by Yellow Dog, Fedora Core, and RHEL (and possibly more distros I do not know about). When you install something via Yum, Yum automatically downloads and installs all dependencies of the package you want if you don't have the dependencies, putting an end to dependency hell if the package you want is in your Yum repositories.

A great Yum configuration file for the most recent stable Fedora Core that adds great repositories can be found at http://www.fedorafaq.org/samples/yum.conf
I escaped dependency hell for Frozen Bubble by using Yum :)
by a thing June 11, 2005

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Personal Computer
That does NOT just mean a computer with windowz on it. People use GNU/Linux for personal use, don't they?
idiot: Teacher, I need a PC, not a Mac!
non-idiot: A Mac is a PC...
by a thing July 20, 2005

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