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A great band with catchy music. People who critisize them, think about this, would you have the balls to go onstage with only a female drummer and 40 year old equipment?
The White Stripes are a great band with catchy music.
by _Cory_ June 7, 2005
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Basicly a group of people that believe in white power. i guess i would be considered an enemy cause im not aryan. Surprisingly, there is a website that they have which is pathetic, yet scary. Google search Nazi if you want to take a look-see. also see prep
nazis hate anything different than them because they are stupid morons.
by _Cory_ June 9, 2005
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A goth that is also punk. Someone in between labels. People who rag on musicians, like the two peoplw that have posted so far have no right to do so because they arent the ones making millions of dollars. for people like this, see idiot
people that judge everyone that is better at something than they are, should quit whining and find something better to do than rag on musicians over the internet.
by _Cory_ June 6, 2005
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when your heart is broken. Commonly the biproduct of "love". I put the quotes there because love is pretty much infatuation nowdays.that song, "Hold on loosley, but dont let go" should help you avoid this
my heart broke so i must make a trip to the store to buy a new one. Or, i also have this handy repair kit.
by _Cory_ June 7, 2005
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a band that was actually kinda cool at one time. Then they got popular and people rag on them. well, heres somethin for ya, your not the one making millions of dollars. I personally am not a fan, but i dont hate them. They seem like good people to me.
Good Charlotte wrote a couple of good songs. Hence the name...
by _Cory_ June 8, 2005
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things that suck your blood, or drink it, anyway. Most people think that its cool and all sorts of wierd shit like that. i personally think that its messed up and stupid. for other messed up and stupid things see cyber sex
that moron thinks he can seduce girls by saying hes a vampire over the internet.
by _Cory_ June 7, 2005
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the question that will haunt man forever. If one found an answer, the CIA would take care of that person
guy2:I dunno...
guy3: Just because...
guy3 goes missing one hour later.
by _Cory_ June 1, 2005
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