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Infamously known member of Gaia who frequents the General Discussion forum, bugs the hell out of numerous people, and has an annoyingly large amount of mule accounts.
Oh great, ANOTHER one of Lucon's mules..
by _ March 26, 2005

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1. A callsign used by those who are elite in their anti-AI skills. Used especially for online games that involve a computer AI.
2. One who sleeps and plays Descent (tm) in a (double) closet.
Oh no! The bots are beating us! We need a closet boy!
by _ December 09, 2003

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Used in the movie "Shawshank Redemption" and probably fag-prison-gaurd code for a honking huge wank. But it was funny.
I'm going to put my fuckstick in your eyeball, you conceited bitch.
by _ June 03, 2003

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1.a skinny wannabe singer from staten island who can't sing and has explict lyrics abusing the female gender
yo yo yo, i'm eamon and i think i'm black.
by _ January 03, 2005

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Destroying a computer program by altering its external behaviour while reorganising its internal structure.
Richo's been refucktoring again.
by _ March 16, 2005

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When niggas defend their turf like your mom guarding a sandwich... honkey
Don't touch my fried chicken, I'll get all homeland security on yo ass...
by _ June 03, 2003

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V. To puss out of a tournament game or competition in fear, particularly after reaching a high level in it.
He got to the quarter-finals, but then he Cholo'd since he was going to get owned.
by _ April 04, 2005

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