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When you have become so tired of something/someone, that it is making you sick. Something that mothers often say to their misbehaving, ill-mannered children.
Mother: Tony, I am so sick 'n tired of your shit lying all over, that it has made me sick to the point of vomiting in last nights casserole. I just dressed it with ketchup, so fuck you!
by Zob Rombie June 30, 2016
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This happened as a result of an unfortunate typo, much to the delight of his peers.
Luke: Ello govners
Some random girl: Hi Lume
Some random girl: *Luke
Everyone else: Lol, Lume
by Zob Rombie September 15, 2020
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An act that requires input other than telekinesis. Often over used in common conversation, as with literally. Like saying a "round circle", duh, are there circles other than round ones.`
HME (Home-making engineer): "Look at this, now I have to physically mop this shit up"
IHTTWS (Irritated husband trying to watch sport): "Oh that's too bad, does the mop not accept mental commands?"
by Zob Rombie March 9, 2016
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