6 definitions by ZestyNuts

When someone guy or girl asks to suck your wiener
person 1:Let me suck it Payne.
Payne: Ok
Person 1: Wheres it at?
by ZestyNuts September 20, 2023
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Kissing girls like Kylee russet and Reese white
I think Reese and Kylee are lesbian
by ZestyNuts September 14, 2023
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I need some of Emma's panties. preferable Emma Kate's
by ZestyNuts September 13, 2023
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A sexy white male with a fat bulge
Tate Humphrey is soo Fuckin sexy!!
by ZestyNuts September 11, 2023
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Is that Zesty Zeph walking by? I want his to rape me
by ZestyNuts September 11, 2023
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