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the helicopter is a crazy ass sex position that should only be attempted with supervision of highly trained experts of the sex art. unless you're the expert.
The male is suspended in air my a rope that should be quite comfortable or you may be rope burned in unpleasant areas. the man is then spun to speeds of atleast 60 rpm (a single rotation per second)
the female is then supposed to be laid on a table, stool, etc. the male is than lowered and inserted into the females vagina. the sex position is finished when:
1) The male orgasms
2) The female orgasms
3) The male vomits

CAUTION: if this act of pleasure has any error in the process you may be inaccurate and piledrive a hole right through her belly button.
Guy: omfg dudeeeee.... me and stacy did the helicopter last night.....

Buddy: Haha dude me and carmen did that yesterday... amazing....

Guy: no dude.... we screwed up.... she's in that hospital getting her belly button stitched up
by ZakkyZebra February 22, 2010

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The french fries you occasionally get with your fast food meal that are either too limp to eat or overcooked.

Usually put to the corner of your burger wrapper and saved for your dogs
I went to Mcdonald's and they were having an off day! Half of my fries were Reject Fries!
by ZakkyZebra February 27, 2010

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Dumb Super Mega Whore.

DSMW is to describe a bitch you have been going out with for a while and she says she not a whore but well she is! She ends up cheating on you and so you dump her and she tries to make you feel bad but you're like FUCK NO. and she says she loves you to get you back but you're like FUCK NO and so you have been used but the bitches psychological thinking made her feel used.
Guy1: Yeah i was going out with this one chick from the bar and i really liked her and we were goin out for a while but she was a fuckin whore. i dumped her

Guy2: YOU GOT DSMW'ed!
by ZakkyZebra January 24, 2010

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