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The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
Eating a peanut butter sandwich is challenging for people with aracibutyrophobia.
by Zack Green September 05, 2004

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1. n., A fart-like noise acheived by placing the lips on human skin and blowing.

2. v., To perfom said action.
1. My mom wanted me to kiss her, but I decided to piss her off and give her a zerbert.

2. I was bored, so I zerberted myself on the arm.
by Zack Green September 05, 2004

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The fear of the color yellow or the word yellow.
Bananas are scary to xanthophobics.
by Zack Green September 05, 2004

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1. Commonly refers to an old fashioned Christian movement which was common into colonial times.

2. According to H. L. Mencken, "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."
Liberal people like me are extremely afraid of puritanism rising up.
by Zack Green August 19, 2004

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A common name for the derigable airship which has been assimilated into the English language. Like "Kleenex," many people use it despite the fact that it is a trademark of the Zeppelin Company.
I took a trip in the zeppelin...uh, I mean...derigable. Damn copyrights.
by Zack Green July 18, 2004

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A discussion board on video game forums in which people make claims about which gaming platform is better. Usually regarded as a haven for whiny, stupid people.
Check out what they're talking about in the system wars! What is wrong with these idiots?
by Zack Green July 12, 2004

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adj., A term commonly used to describe very cuddly, cute dogs, but can apply to any animal. Nobody is actually sure exactly what the meaning is, but it is generally agreed to mean something related to cute, huggable, and nice.
My dog is nice and small, and that makes her quite wuggly.
by Zack Green September 05, 2004

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