39 definition by Your mother

Bellevue Youth Theatre. Fun Place To hangout, due to the possibility that a hot guy walking in at any minute.
Hey Guys, wanna meat up at BYT after school to go guy-watching?
by Your mother May 05, 2005

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see Satan (he's a big fag)
any leftwing extremists (see Satan)
by your mother March 16, 2005

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a complete and uter twat, or a person who is unable to say exactly where/who he came from.
richard u cumshot,
u poor cumshot,
by your mother March 26, 2005

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1. God Damn Independent
2. Gay Douche Idiot
1. Damn GDI wont even join a frat!

2. Holy crap! That fag's such a GDI. Why doesnt he SKL all over my TDR?!
by Your Mother March 17, 2005

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