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Very similar but not to be confused with "the Dirty Sanchez." The Dirty Tebow is when you're doing anal, pull out and instead of drawing a mustache above the girl's lip you draw a streak under each of her eyes. The result looking like she's wearing those dark things Tim Tebow puts on his face on gameday. Writing a message in either streak is optional.
"I thought about trying to get back together with Cathy, but I don't want to touch that since I know Nate gave her a Dirty Tebow."
by YellaBird February 08, 2010
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Similar to the vajazzling, dickazzling is the art of bedazzling your dick. Most commonly done by homosexuals.
Nate missed the tourney last weekend. He was getting some dickazzling done.
by YellaBird March 13, 2010
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When you have to drive a hot chick across state lines to an area where the age of consent is 17 or younger.
Rubs really showed some Booty-Legging wisdom when he drove that drunk bitch he met at the FSU tailgate to Georgia last weekend. Legal consent at 16 is awesome!
by Yellabird April 14, 2014
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