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chinese gangstars and gangbangers
"Wah Dew! You see that clan of Yangstas, they've been roaming around the curbs of chi-town for the past months.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out November 02, 2004

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A cock of a gay man, usually use only for penetrating the ass of other men. But once it's in proximity to any female presence, it shrinks to the size of a nano chip. But when men are around, it shoots up like a long range missile.
Willie's thrusty rusty wakes up again after he steps away from those female pole dancers and swimsuit models and bumps into Dave and Edison. Willie is horny now.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out March 22, 2008

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A homosexual act in which one man is chasing another guy in public trying to have anal sex with him, usually from behind. This is usually done without the consent of the other.

In simple terms = a gay rape chasedown.
Hey look, Willie is trying to do the pokey wokey on his friend Dave on the basketball courts in front of everyone. Boi, Dave would surely be dumped by his girlfriend if Willie succeeds in this act.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out March 22, 2008

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A type or style of walking that is done by spreading your feet into a V-shape like a duck and dramatically raising and lowering your shoulders at the same time. Such style of walking usually gives the person a barrier to aggressive mobility (can't run fast). This is done by individuals that either tried to look thuggish/cool or that they never learned the correct posture of walking. And what they dunno is that such style of walking makes them look like a total idiot to the surrounding public as people around would just get a good laugh outta him/her.
Ha ha..look at that boi, because he's used to his constant p-walking, he can't even run without falling anymore.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out November 20, 2005

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Fresh Off the Boat

Individuals who have immigrated to a new country, and therefore are new and clueless to the cultures, trends and interests of that new country. With this, most tend to limit to hanging out with other fellow fobs are those who are at least still exercising the same native cultural values and trends, in order to stay in their zone of social cultural comfort, and alienating themselves from others of different cultures and most things associated.

This term is however mostly apply to individuals who are between ages 13-40, maybe higher, as the most distinguishable feature of Fobs are their style of clothing, appearance trends and hobbies, which are the most prominent in that age range.

There are usually 2 types of Fobs..
1. Hip Fobs - most easy to identified, usually dressed in clothes and hairstyles and has hobbies and interests popular to their native country.
2. Home Fobs - harder to identified, they dress in very generic and typical clothing and appearance. You usually cannot tell they are fobs until you hear them speak with their accents. And they usually have less social life as compared to their "hip" counterparts. But with this, it allows them to assimilated easier with other cultures as they don't have any existing fob friends for them to limit themselves with to.
Sunny and Bobo sure are Fobs. They have immigrated here to the U.S for more than 10 years from Taiwan. Yet, they don't have a single non-Taiwanese friend, they dress exactly like an asian pop star, they only eat in Asian and fusion places and they still don't know enough English to be able to even converse.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out October 17, 2011

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It stands for: Way Off the Boat... as contrast to Fob = fresh off the boat.

An immigrant or Fob that has been living in a country they have migrated to for a significant amount of time, meaning he/she has been WAY off the boat. Enough to speak their language almost fluently, and very well assimilated and aware of their culture, trend and interests, yet still retaining that of their native ones. With this, Wobs are able to fit in nicely with both social clicks of their native Fobs and that of the new country.

All Wobs were once Fobs. But not all Fobs will be able to become Wobs if they don't branch out to other people outside of their native culture/click.
20 years ago when Anson immigrated here, he was a Fob. But for the past 10 years, Anson is gradually becoming more and more of a Wob. Yeah, on Friday night, he is going to get boba milk tea with his fob friends and hanging out at a Karaoke lounge before attending a Jay Chou concert. On Saturday night, he will be going to a Jane's Addiction show with American co-workers and then ending the night playing pool and beer pong at the pub afterwards.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out October 17, 2011

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Individuals that would always try to intimidate people and picks fights w/ others. These guys do not have much class or intellect they would believe violence is the way to resolve every problem.
Man, don't you be beefing w/ the gang boss. Once you get on his chest, he'll send a shitload clan of warbags to jump yo sorry ass.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out January 20, 2005

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