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A smoothie drink comprised of:
Ice, strawberries, bananas, vanilla ice cream, milk, almonds, and Absolut Ruby Red in a sugar-rimmed glass.
"Here! Try this Pasadena Pounder!"

by Yakballz January 02, 2009

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To be so bored that it's absolutely horrifying
Mr. Lansky gave a lecture on the correlation between Roman literature and the current day philosophies of Bolivian government. I was absolutely borified, man!
by Yakballz February 14, 2009

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(v): The act of chemically altering your brain in a shady garage with a group of friends in a circular fashion.

Nigga whipping often leads to great stories and unforgettable moments.
A: Dude, I nigga whipped Jew-Diaz and the crew so hard this weekend!

B: Why didn't you invite me to nigga whip?

A: Because, Steve, nobody likes you.
by Yakballz October 07, 2008

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The act of getting your friends high for free and having an amazingly hilarious time.
Yo dawg, my friends just nigga whipped the shit outa me! We was fallin over laughin in that garage, man!
by Yakballz September 15, 2008

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A drink comprised of:
Ice, Pepsi cola, a quarter of a lemon, a mint leaf, and vodka.
"Want to try my Cincinatti Slammer? It's mixed perfectly."

"No thanks, I've got a Pasadena Pounder right here!
by Yakballz January 02, 2009

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