46 definition by YO

the sexiest bitch the world has ever seen
mmm, look at snitchy, she's hott
by Yo February 25, 2003

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My berries are hanging low today
by yo May 13, 2004

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to the extreme
that party was to the extrizzle!
by yo January 27, 2004

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what Tyler Young is, cause he's retarded
Tyler, you're gayu!
by yo June 09, 2004

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A Nu-Metal band of Armenian ethnicity. Known for their unique styles of playing and thought out and meaningful (albeit cryptically) lyrics.

System of a Down pwns d4 l3w7 sh17.
by YO August 24, 2003

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If you're rar, it means you are strange.
Norwegian: Du er så rar!
English: You are rar!
You are strange!
by YO March 17, 2004

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