4 definitions by YNWL

The act of feeding the female partner something sour and then sticking your dick in their puckered mouth.
Daen really liked having a salty lemon on him by his futa gf.
by YNWL January 23, 2019
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The autistic form of "y'all"

This may also occur if the person has a lisp with an accent or just came back from the dentist while still under the effects of drugs
"My sister was banging her fists on my door because of y'akl"
by YNWL September 6, 2017
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When someone isn't being very nisis
by YNWL March 2, 2017
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When a men's dick is comparable to a school bus
Wow, Jimmy has a real dick bus.
by YNWL December 4, 2016
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