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When working, the act of, closing the store you work at and then opening the same store the next day.
Jessy: John do you want to go to the club after work.

John: cant man i got to clopen
by XxmusicmanxX May 25, 2009
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The act of using the handy capped button when entering a building to open the door instead of using ones own arms. Mostly used when feeling hungover or extremely lazy
Nick: Use the lazy button so we can enter the building.

Jake: Can do, why would we use the arms god gave us when we can just push a button.
by XxmusicmanxX September 7, 2009
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The act of carrying data from one computer to another computer via walking and not a p2p file share
Steve: Mike are you still running at 56k?
Mike: Yeah, it is just faster for me to use the Sneakernet to transfer data between my computers rather then over my dial up connection.
by XxmusicmanxX September 25, 2008
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Special clothing that you have to wear to work
e.g. suit & tie, brand clothing in a retail store
Dave: Steve, why are you wearing a suit and tie on a Wendsday?

Steve: Just got a new job, and gots to wear my slave rags.
by XxmusicmanxX May 27, 2009
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