Clopen is the act of closing at work one day and opening the next day.
Dude, Monday and Tuesday are gonna suck because I have to pull a clopen. I'm off at midnight and have to be back in at 8.
by JK651 January 8, 2007
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In retail closing shifts often end between 9 and midnight and opening shifts start between 7 and 9 am. A clopen is a portmanteau of closing one night and then opening the next morning, thus having as little as eight hours to eat, sleep, and shower between shifts. Depending on the kind of retail and the hours involved, clopens can be a mild annoyance or a brutal test of human endurance.
I'd love to hang out tomorrow night, but I'm clopening, so I won't get home until midnight and then need to be up at six am~
by DexRicon July 8, 2009
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To work shifts where you do a closing shift and then the next day an opening shift.
Person 1: What's your work schedule this weekend?

Person 2: I have a clopen. I work closing shift on saturday (2:30pm-11pm) and then open on sunday (7am-3:30pm).
by fullofjoy20 May 9, 2009
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In shift work in any job: Whenever you work the closing shift and then the next morning work the opening shift. Giving the employee an improper amount of time to refresh and feel rested between shifts.
Jake to Elizabeth: I'm feeling kind of sluggish this morning, worked another clopen!
by eviljake74 October 20, 2015
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In mathematics, a set that is both open and closed.
The union of the closed intervals |0,1 and |2,3 is a clopen set.
by Raptor007 January 28, 2009
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When working, the act of, closing the store you work at and then opening the same store the next day.
Jessy: John do you want to go to the club after work.

John: cant man i got to clopen
by XxmusicmanxX May 25, 2009
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when, you close your work one day and the next you have to get up early and open. applies only if you have to stay past ten pm, and get up before 7 am the next day.
i have to stay til 11 tonight and i have to be here at five tommorow. it's the worst clopen schedual.
by ballerina_babe August 26, 2007
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