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a place of complete misery..child labor disguised in education...a prison for all children to become trained like puppets and dogs... where rules are the only thing from keeping us from succeeding..a place known as hell to everyone but parents
skyline high school is a gay school that should be burnt down
by xtreme June 26, 2003
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An inflatable device used in water to get proper brown. Some idiots refer to it as a floaty or tube but this is simply ridiculous
I'm getting a Lylo and going to the pool
by Xtreme May 04, 2005
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Anything you want it 2 be.
Oi, Steven give me that weaven or i'll break your weaven.
by Xtreme May 09, 2005
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a bunch of slutty hoes that decide to back stab everyone that isnt exactly like them REMY is a complete example of that she hates soo many people for no god damn reason.
remmy is an ass fucking BITCH
by xtreme June 27, 2003
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