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A women who serves the patriarchy; i.e. Cool Girl. Handmaidens either defend, support or claim to love pornography, pedophilia, rape, incest, BDSM, surrogacy, egg donation, transgenderism and prostitution etc. They often deflect arguments against feminists with "but but but... women to it tooooooo". Many handmaidens claim to be (liberal) feminists and will attempt to euphemize and appropriate women's subjugation by rebranding it "empowering" or "feminist", such as "feminist porn" or "sex work empowurrs me rawrz". Supporting the trans lobby, the porn industry is a handmaiden's cause.
This thread is full of libfem handmaidens.
by Xina May 09, 2017
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something highly overrated for a girl turning 16.
I had a shitty sweet sixteen because no one remembered my birthday, just like in Sixteen Candles.
by Xina January 03, 2004
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