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The act of being badly defeated at video games or various sports. The term originally derived from the "1337" language which was created by nerds who were good at video games and nothing else. The term was then brought off the internet and various online games and into the light of the outside world where normal people picked up on the new word and started to use it. This term is now used across the United States and other English speaking nations. The word was first owned, then turned to own3d by a minorly clever gamer, and then turned to pwn3d with the accidental pressing over the P key instead of the O key as a result of typing too fast.
Guy #1) I was beaten 6-0, 6-0 in my tennis match last night.
Guy #2) You got freaking PWN3D!
by Xakaryus December 26, 2006

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A mental sickness in which a person wants to have sexual relations with a dead baby.
Guy #1) I think I have necropedophelia.

Guy #2) Get away from me you weirdo!
by Xakaryus December 26, 2006

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1) A person that was part of an old Northern European group. This group was extremely Christian and designed many great churchs that are still used today.
2) very stupid people who think they are goth just because they dress in black, even though they are usually atheists, agnostics, or loose christians. These people are often homosexual.
3) a term that is used when talking about a person who likes to dress in black.
1) I'm glad that I belong to a Gothic church.
2) Fred: hey Jerry, guess what? I'm a Goth
Jerry: no, your an idiot.
3) Hey that kid is a Goth because he dresses in black!
by Xakaryus December 26, 2006

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When a man has sex with a women during her period and gets his penis covered in period blood. The penis would then be red and looks like a demon or Diablo, which is the Spanish word for Devil.
Guy #1: Dude, I was doing a girl last night and I got a Diablo!
Guy #2) Thats just nasty!
by Xakaryus December 26, 2006

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