4 definitions by XPR

Grundle (Aka-Trundle) being the area between your balls and your asshole.
Butter being...butter

Grundle Butter is greasy Sweat that gathers in the Grundle region, Semi-transparent in color with a refreshing odor.

SFM-Trundle Butter
"Why is Steves asshole wet?"

"Thats just his Grundle Butter."

"Poor Bastard"
by XPR December 1, 2004
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When shooting the drug heroin into ones self through a needle into the arm!
by XPR April 2, 2004
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When you divde the drug Cocaine into even lines with a razor blade and proceed to snort the drug through the nose usually with a rolled bill!
"this is so boring..."
"lets go do some lines."
by XPR April 2, 2004
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When your pubic hairs get all tangled up and it hurts!!!! A LOT!
Shit, Dawg I got to comb out my tangleweed!
by XPR March 31, 2004
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