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Literal translation- fo(break) ka(wide apart, everywhere), si'be(there). It's a Nigerian word that's gaining popularity by the minute.

typical use: ori e, o fokasibe (your head is spread everywhere)

when voodoo priests want to 'use a person's head for a native ritual', they would look into their oracle calabash (gourd or bowl) and if your head was seen inside it (as seen in a crystal ball), it couldn't be used for the ritual. So your head being everywhere meant your head is so good, no babalawo can use it.
ori e, o fokasibe.

made popular by Nigerian Artiste DJ Zeez
by Woske August 19, 2009

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A Nigerian consult of the oracle from the Yoruba culture. Sometimes the term is used to define a voodoo priest. In movies, they sometimes have dark powers or require expensive sacrifice for their services.

baba: father
ala (o ni) : of
awo: divination
I need money. I'll donate a nice fat goat to the babalawo so he can tell me my future.
by Woske August 22, 2009

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