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The act of undermining someone else's opinion subtly, yet in a public area, to make him/her appear foolish.
The exhaust shaft is only two metres wide, so you'll have to use proton torpedoes.
Rebel Pilot: But that's impossible, even for a computer!
Luke Skywalker: It's not impossible - I used to bulls-eye womprats in my T-16 back home and they're not much bigger than two metres.
by Wordsman July 31, 2008
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"Uccy" is a Wwe word originally used by Sami Zayn. Uccy is a play on the original word "Uso" Which is the stange names of "Jimmy & Jay Uso" the iconic Wwe Tag team champions, Cousins of The Rock and Roman Reigns.
Jay isn't feeling very Uccy tonight.
by Wordsman November 7, 2022
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Unknown to the public Asap Rocky’s actual name is As soon as Possible Rocky.
Hey dude have you heard As soon as possible Rocky and Rihanna are having a baby?
by Wordsman February 10, 2022
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