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A user of the Knoppix desktop environment. Or KDE kfolk are common on linux and are considering noblemen in comparison to gnomes. Which are stuck with gnome.

Kfolk come about when a hot busty, blonde woman has rampant sex with the linux kernel.
Dude, that guy is leet, he's kfolk.

Dude that's so slick thats kflock4.0!
by wolfmankurd January 20, 2008
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quibs: (abstarct noun) issue, problem, dislike.
man1: i want to get some blue cheese
man2: I got no quibs with that
by Wolfmankurd August 05, 2005
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from 3133t or elite used by cdccult of the dead cow who created back orifice an aministrator utility for win95, this was shortened to 133t and has spawned a hole language of ununderstandable gibberish used by n00bs to make them self feel better
that is 133t or it is cool, as it were
by wolfmankurd April 11, 2005
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Quarks are a fundemental particles, not as small as Leptons (and the family) but very small, there are 6 'Flavours'
1. Up
2. Down
3. Strange
4. Charmed
5. Top
6. Bottom
and three 'Colours' Green, Red Blue.

They exist in differnt charges +1/3 +2/3 -1/3 -2/3 three of these make up neutons protons...
A proton is made up of two +2/3(red and blue) quarks and a -1/3(green)quakr making a +1 charge!
by Wolfmankurd October 24, 2005
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